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6 common teeth problems Invisalign can help with

Perfect teeth are something that we would all love to have. However, it is more often than not that many of us have something we would like to change about our teeth, to give us a nicer smile. There’s nothing worse than having to try and cover up your teeth when you are speaking to people, or smiling for photographs. It can be a contributing factor to low confidence, and this is something you should not have to live with if it is affecting your way of life.

Crooked teeth or gapped teeth can cause problems – not just how you feel about yourself, but also to your general oral health. Having teeth that aren’t aligned correctly, or are overlapping can cause difficulty with cleaning. This can lead to plaque building up on your teeth and around your gums. It could also lead to gum disease if not treated correctly. It is important to take care of your teeth and try to clean them twice a day. Having a nice smile is great, but making sure they are in the healthiest condition is also very important.

There are many common problems that people have with their teeth. Teeth are as unique as your fingerprints – you won’t find anyone who has the same set of teeth as you. Therefore, problems can vary from each individual. Invisalign is a treatment that can help with the alignment of your teeth, helping to bring them back into shape, giving you the smile that you have always wanted. Whether you suffer from gapped teeth, or crooked teeth; Invisalign is specially created to suit your individual needs, and results with previous patients have so far proven to be impressive.


If you are someone that is concerned with wearing braces that are noticeable, then this is where Invisalign could be perfect for you. Invisalign treatment involves the use of clear braces, so you won’t have to worry about smiling or talking to people at work whilst having the Invisalign treatment. Having Invisalign can correct problems with your teeth, without anyone actually knowing that you have braces.

Common teeth problems which Invisalign can help with include:


This is where your bottom teeth stick out more, compared to the upper teeth, as they are pushed further back. This can affect eating habits, as your teeth won’t be aligned correctly to give you a normal bite - it can also affect your speech. An underbite is often caused by either the overgrowth of the jaw or the undergrowth of the upper jaw. It can sometimes even be due to both of these happening.

Gapped Teeth

If there is abnormal growth of the jaw, gapped teeth may be formed. Gaps within the teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene, due to there not being enough teeth to protect your gums. The gaps can be pockets for plaque to build up which can cause further problems.


An overbite is where the upper teeth bite over your lower set of teeth. This can lead to wear on the lower teeth and create further gum problems. It can cause painful jaw and joint problems too. Having an overbite can make it difficult when it comes to cleaning, this is where Invisalign can help as it will support the correct alignment of your jaw and teeth.


A misaligned jaw can mean that the upper and lower teeth do not meet in the middle. It can cause some of the upper teeth to bite to one side over the lower set. This may cause some wear to the teeth, and also may cause gum disease if left untreated.

Overly Crowded Teeth

Overly crowded teeth are caused when there is a lack of room for the teeth to fit in your mouth. If they are tight together it can be difficult to clean, which could cause a build-up of plaque if you do not keep on top of the cleaning. Overcrowded teeth often become worse over time if left untreated, and can even cause tooth decay.

Open Bite

This is commonly seen with ‘thumb-suckers’ or could be caused by a genetic jaw structure. An open bite is where the teeth are physically unable to meet to give a proper bite. It can often affect your speech and also when eating.


Invisalign treatment can help with many teeth problems, including those mentioned above. Invisalign works with the condition of your teeth and a treatment designed for you, so that you can have the perfect smile you have always wanted. You will no longer have to worry about hiding your teeth every day. Invisalign treatment will give you the confidence to smile again.


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