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Is Invisalign as effective as traditional braces?


Both Invisalign and traditional braces work to straighten your teeth, but is one better than the other? Why not continue reading to learn more about each appliance and how they differ from one another?

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Can foods stain my teeth?

Foods that stain your teeth

You may have seen the title and become immediately worried that the food your eating will leave stains on your teeth. We're talking over time, so don't put that blueberry down just yet. Continue reading to find out why tooth staining happens and the foods that do it.

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Why retainers are so important


Everyone breathes that sigh of relief once their braces are taken off. They have the freedom to eat what they want and smile to show off their new teeth. After braces always come retainers, which can be easy to forget about. So why do I need to wear one?

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