Can my child get braces on the NHS?

Here at Oldham Orthodontics we can provide a free orthodontic treatment via the NHS, if you meet the NHS criteria. If you don’t qualify for NHS braces then we provide private orthodontic treatment with a wide range of treatment options.

So why do children need braces? Simple. Children of any age need braces for crooked, overlapping and overcrowded teeth. This is generally caused by the fact that their body is still growing and as a result malocclusion form; this is where there is a misalignment of the teeth and bite. Furthermore, this disrupts the correct growth of the teeth and the alignment of them in the gums. Here at Oldham Orthodontics our passionate and dedicated team of experts are able to identify the areas which need correcting with treatment.In addition, tooth and jaw problems can strike at a very early age through baby teeth, unfortunate accidents and thumb sucking. However, jaw and tooth growth problems can easily be passed down through the family who have had braces in the past. This may be a similar theme if your child has siblings who have had to go through orthodontic treatment.

Please take into consideration that starting the process early with Oldham Orthodontics doesn't mean that your child will get braces instantly. Our orthodontists here at Oldham Orthodontics will be able to detect the problems and confirm the best time to start treatment, if they meet the NHS criteria. We will then advise which orthodontic appliance will best suit your child after an initial consultation.

Following your child's treatment he or she will need to wear retainers in order to maintain the long term benefit of the treatment. Do keep in mind though anybody of any age will have movement from their teeth throughout their lives.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and book a consultation so we can identify the best way to help your child have an immaculately straight smile.