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What are twin block braces used for?

Twin block braces are more commonly known as functional braces and these are a special type of brace used for teeth that stick out a lot and to correct bite. Because of the appearance of the braces they are also known as twin block braces. They are worn on the upper and lower teeth at the same time and consist of two plastic removable braces. They allow you to still 'function' when wearing them, hence the name.

They are mainly used for patients who are still growing as they encourage the jaw to grow into the correct biting position. It is one of the fastest and most effective methods to correct receding jaws, goofy teeth or excess overjet.

Twin block braces are able to be removed for cleaning and although it can feel strange to start with, once worn, it becomes much less noticeable.

In order for the treatment of functional twin block braces to be most effective, you will need to wear the appliance for the minimum number of hours specified by your orthodontist as well as ensuring you follow the treatment plan closely.

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