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Ceramic Braces VS Metal Braces: What’s the Difference?

ceramic braces

There are many options when it comes to orthodontic treatment today. Invisible braces, fixed braces, lingual and functional braces, all of which have a specific use depending on the case and severity of correction. For some, the corrections needed may only be mild, in these cases, aligners can be used such as Invisalign. In other cases, where the treatment needs to be more robust, a more traditional approach is needed such as fixed metal braces.

For some, the thought of having fixed metal braces, where your orthodontist can adjust and guide tooth movement more diligently, is one of dread. It is understandable not to want to have your mouth full of visible metal brackets and wires, especially for teenagers and young adults who undoubtedly feel self-conscious. The good news is that ceramic braces are an excellent alternative for this very reason.

Let’s look at how metal and ceramic braces can help with specific dental problems and weigh up which is more suitable in five key areas. 

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Can I Get Braces on My Top or Bottom Teeth Only?

top teeth brace

It can be a daunting thought to undergo orthodontic treatment. The thought of wearing braces, keeping up with good oral hygiene, continuous check-ups, and adjustments is understandably taxing as well as trying to fit it into your already busy lifestyle.

In some cases, specific dental needs, or milder dental conditions, warrant wearing braces on just the top or bottom teeth only. For some, this is a huge advantage but there are pros and cons, as with every type of correctional treatment.

It is highly advisable to speak with a specialist orthodontist, who can provide a thorough assessment of your needs and guide you through the best possible treatment for you. 

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Invisalign and Your Lifestyle: The Flexibility of Clear Aligners


Gaining that beautiful, straight smile of your dreams can often be a daunting thought. Braces, metal wires, and brackets, continuous adjustments, and everything else that comes along with traditional braces can often be off-putting. It can bring back awkward thoughts of teenage years spent hiding your smile but fortunately, due to significant advancements in orthodontics, much more discreet forms of treatment are available today.

The discreteness and ease of wearing Invisalign, have made it one of the most sought-after forms of orthodontic treatment. Let’s take a look at just why Invisalign is so great and how it can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. 

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