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We are all aware of the dangers of smoking, with more than 80,000 deaths in the UK each year linked to cigarettes and tobacco related substances.

Did you know that smoking also has a serious long-term effect on oral health and can cause issues for those undergoing preventative and corrective teeth straightening treatment?

smoking and braces

Here we look at some of the ill effects smoking can have on patients wearing dental braces as part of tooth straightening and realignment procedures.       

Oral health

Maintaining the health of our teeth and gums is always important, but particularly so when undergoing corrective dentistry. Strong teeth and gums will react better to treatment such as tooth straightening and lead to better results, so smoking whilst wearing a dental brace vastly increases the chance of complications such as mouth ulcers and bleeding gums occurring during the teeth straightening process. 

Damage and healing

Smoking contributes to the build-up of plaque in the pockets between the gums and our teeth. Not only does this weaken gum tissues, but when untreated contributes to conditions such as gum disease and periodontitis. Even in the earliest stages these complaints leave the teeth and gums vulnerable and make healing during corrective procedures, such as teeth straightening, far more difficult.        

Bad breath

Patients wearing braces have to be very thorough with their oral hygiene routine to make sure that their fitting is free of food debris, which can cause bad breath. Similarly, the particles inhaled when smoking a cigarette stick within the mouth and throat and contribute toward built up odour, especially when attached to brace fittings.  


Inhaling cigarette smoke is bad news for the appearance of our teeth, causing ingrained staining that can be difficult to remove without professional treatment. This can cause particular issues when wearing braces, causing marked staining on the enamel surface of the teeth when braces are removed.

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