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We are certainly spoilt for choice, when it comes to the types of teeth straightening treatments available. It is no wonder that more and more adults in the UK are choosing to have braces to give them a better smile. Over the years, technology has advanced in more ways than you can imagine, and the orthodontic industry is of no exception to this growth.

Teeth Straightening Nobody Will Ever Know About

Teeth straightening – which traditionally only came in the form of unattractive metal braces – was something where everybody at school knew you had braces on. Now, that is a thing of the past and you can have orthodontic treatment without anyone knowing, which is a huge bonus in itself.

Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

Painless, discreet and affordable, there are a number of orthodontic treatments which you can choose from, to give you that perfect looking smile you have always wanted. Two examples of these treatments are lingual braces such as Incognito® and clear aligners which are commonly known by the brand name, Invisalign®. Both solutions have a wide range of advantages, but here’s a breakdown of how they work, so you can choose the right solution for you.

Lingual Braces:

These are braces which are fixed to the back of your teeth. Incognito® lingual braces and are custom-made from gold to make sure they fit your teeth perfectly. Here are some of the benefits of having lingual braces:

They produce fast, predictable results
They cause less problems than metal braces
They are extremely easy to live with
If you have been thinking about having a nicer, straighter smile to give you more confidence, teeth straightening treatments like lingual braces could be the perfect choice for you to consider. On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of fixed braces – clear aligners like Invisalign® could be another alternative.


After celebrating their 3 millionth patient earlier this year, Invisalign® have proven to many patients that clear aligners are certainly a worthy investment. They are easy to use, but need to be taken out when you eat and drink, however, this can be seen as a huge benefit when compared with traditional fixed braces. Some other benefits of having Invisalign® are:

They are discreet and will go unnoticed
They are comfortable
They change every two weeks to gradually move your teeth into the desired position
You can view what your teeth will look like at the end with 3D computer imaging.
Preferences for orthodontic treatments will vary between each patient, but your orthodontist will be able to go through what you want to achieve and will recommend suitable options.

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