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Looking After Your Dental Braces This Christmas

Christmas is usually a time when we all ‘eat, drink and be merry’ far more than usual, but if you have dental braces, you may be worried about how to look after them during the busy festive period.

Here we offer some key advice on caring for your braces over the Christmas season:

Maintain your usual dental hygiene regime

As Christmas is a time when we tend to enjoy a few more treats than usual, especially sugary foods and drinks, it is vitally important to maintain the high standards of your dental hygiene. As a guideline, always make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day and always remember to use inter-dental tools to clear away any pesky food debris.

Drink plenty of water (especially with meals!)

Food becoming stuck in dental fittings is a common issue for patients who wear braces, but drinking water offers a great way of preventing these issue from occurring. So whether you’re enjoying a mince pie or sitting down for Christmas dinner, having a glass of water to hand offers a great way of cleansing the mouth and removing food debris that may become stuck.

Try not to brush straight after a meal

Those who wear dental braces are often keen to brush straight after a meal. Unfortunately, this is when our teeth are most weakened by acidic food and drink, so brushing can actually contribute to enamel erosion. It is generally advised to wait at least an hour after a meal before brushing your teeth, especially after enjoying the sugary foods and beverages consumed during the Christmas period.

Make sure to visit your orthodontist

This one really applies all year round, but once your brace is fitted it is vitally important to attend any check-ups scheduled with your orthodontist, even over the Christmas period! These sessions rarely take more than 30 minutes and help your orthodontist to check on the progress of your tooth straightening treatment and identify any underlying issues.


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