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Orthodontic treatment is a life changing process that can not only alter your physical appearance but it also has a bunch of health positives too. Straight teeth and correct jaw alignment can allow for better chewing and digestion of food while also easing pressure on your teeth, gums and jaw muscles.

Braces aren’t straight forward - it requires a professional orthodontist, high-tech equipment and many months of treatment. So it’s no surprise that treatment can range anywhere from £1000 to £5000. 

Now we understand that for some people they may not be able to afford this. So what options do they have?

Free Treatment on the NHS

Under the age of 18? Well, you’re in luck! NHS orthodontic treatment is free for people under the age of 18 with a clear health need for treatment (this means not everyone under 18 will receive free treatment). However there is a high demand, so there is usually a long waiting list to get braces and can even take up to 2 years before you get seen by an orthodontist. You also have to be referred to us by your general dentist.

Orthodontic care, funded by the NHS, is not typically available for adults but it may be approved on a case-by-case basis if it's needed for major health reasons.

Private Care

For patients over 18, or for those who don’t want to wait, standard care is available. You don’t have to be referred by your dentist, simply refer yourself and start treatment as soon as you’d like! That means you will have to pay for the full course of treatment.

Payment Plans

At Oldham Orthodontics, we offer an interest-free credit plan for our patients. This means you can spread the cost of brace treatment over 12-36 months. All braces can be paid for from as little as £50 per week.

Now with all of this to consider, are braces worth the price?

Absolutely, if you’ve been unhappy with your smile for a while now then braces can fix that for you. And a new smile can last for years to come, just make sure you wear your retainer for the advised amount of time!