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Is Invisalign as effective as traditional braces?


Both Invisalign and traditional braces work to straighten your teeth, but is one better than the other? Why not continue reading to learn more about each appliance and how they differ from one another?

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Metal or Ceramics braces: Which is better


Choosing a brace can be a difficult decision, especially if you have no knowledge in the field of Orthodontics. So in this blog, we will discuss two types of braces that we offer and determine which one is the best by discussing their benefits.

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Tips for Curing Brace Pain

brace pain

With every brace, there will be some minor pain that you will experience. This is caused by the pressure of the braces as they move your teeth into the correct position. Pain can also be caused as the metal brackets and wires on the braces rub against the tissues in your mouth. This should fade over time as the tissues become stronger. This blog will recommend you the best methods that will help reduce brace pain.

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