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Clear Aligners Move Teeth | Oldham Orthodontics

While a lot of people would like straighter teeth, some people have avoided seeking teeth straightening treatment after being put off by the thought of traditional braces and the associated implications. For example, the idea of having metal brackets in your mouth and the pain and swelling that comes as a side effect aren’t tempting. This is without even thinking about the appearance of metal braces.

In the late 20th century, Invisalign was introduced. Rather than using the conventional method of straightening teeth, i.e., metal bands and brackets, Invisalign used custom made plastic trays. This began to be known as the alternative method of straightening teeth and has grown to be very popular.

However, most people are unsure about how this works, which is why we’re here. We will explain the whole process to you. 

How clear aligners moves teeth

Let’s begin by giving you some context. The tooth itself is made from different materials and the visible part of the tooth is known as enamel. The roof of the tooth is covered with something called cementum.

The cementum is connected to the surrounding tooth socket by the periodontal ligament (PDL), which is made up of collagen and lots of fibres. The PDL is to anchor the teeth to the bone socket so that they do not fall out. It allows movement which absorbs pressure from chewing.

Other than chewing, the PDL does not allow the teeth to move. So pressure from aligners causes the cells on the side of the PDL to eat away at the bone which causes them to move into the new space.

Simply put, clear aligners carefully apply controlled pressure to the teeth to move them into a better position.

It’s the same process with traditional metal braces, but with clear aligners, the treatment is more convenient as it is more pleasing to the eye and it doesn’t cause as much discomfort and pain and conventional braces. Rather than the need for the wires of your braces to be tightened regularly, Invisalign treatment simply requires you to wear a series of bespoke designed clear aligner trays until over time, your teeth are gradually moved into the desired position.

Not all practices are authorised to give out this kind of treatment, but at Oldham Orthodontics, we have years of experience and are able to give you a full consultation on your first visit.

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