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It’s a question that we get asked regularly - what can I eat when I have my braces fitted? Many people new to braces are concerned that their diet will have to change and that they will no longer be able to enjoy their meals as they worry about causing damage. However, there really is nothing to worry about.

There are some foods that it is preferable to avoid. Sticky, hard or chewy substances such as nuts, ice, crisps and hard potato or corn snacks, and sticky sweets and chewing gum are all unhelpful, but otherwise any other food can be eaten. What really helps with brace- friendly food is to ensure the texture of your meal is suitable and that overall you continue to maintain a healthy, balanced and nutritional diet that will help your body, and in doing so, your teeth and gums. So here are some great options for you.


Braces Friendly Menu | Oldham Orthodontics

Pasta is an excellent and versatile food that can be cooked “al dente”, or softer. What makes it so easy is that it takes little time to prepare (assuming you are not making it from scratch) and can be put together with a variety of different sauces to suit everyone’s taste.


Braces Friendly Menu | Oldham Orthodontics

With the usual word of caution about too much fruit being bad for your teeth, many of the fruits we can buy at the supermarkets are a great choice for someone wearing a brace. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruit such as melon, bananas and grapes are easy to eat, leaving no “stringy” bits to get dislodged in the brace wires. On their own, in a fruit salad (add some orange juice), or whipped up into a delicious smoothie, fruit is definitely your friend.

Dairy products

Whilst those with dairy allergies now have plenty of alternatives in the way of soya and almond - based products, for people who can digest dairy products with no repercussions, there are many recipes and food products that are easy to chew and digest when wearing a brace. Yoghurt, milk and cheese are clear winners and can be utilised in recipes too. Cheesy potato bake for example, macaroni cheese, 


The egg is very versatile and tends to make meals that are soft and easy to digest. Tasty omelettes, salmon and scrambled egg, frittatas and Spanish tortilla are all great nutritionally as well as easy to eat for the brace wearer.


Friendly Menu For Braces | Oldham Orthodontics

Soup is so easy to make and is certainly worth experimenting with if you have the time (although supermarket shelves are piled high with a vast array of choices). If you love tomato or vegetable soup then fine, carry on, but also remember that any combination of meat and vegetables can be made into a soup consistency with the use of a blender so even the foods you find trickier with your brace can be enjoyed.


Fresh, flaky white fish such as cod, bream, monkfish, haddock and hake are all examples of a perfect way to consume protein. Taking only a few minutes to cook, these types of fish taste wonderful, especially with an accompanying sauce. They can be added to a pasta dish, or served with rice or with mashed potatoes for a full meal that you can enjoy.

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