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Posts tagged: brace care

Keep your bright smile with these brushing tips

Brushing tips

Brushing your teeth is not a chore. It’s the key to a happy and healthy smile, and no one wants dull and unclean teeth. Especially when bad oral hygiene can lead to bleeding gums, bad breath or worse, your teeth falling out (yikes!)

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Do I need to wear Invisalign at night?


Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign is a removable appliance and doesn’t have to be kept in your mouth all the time, although we recommend at least 22 hours wear daily. This creates a common question that we get asked a lot, do I need to wear Invisalign at night? 

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Are Lingual braces painful?

Lingual braces

Brace pain can seem unbearable, but the initial aches and pains of having braces should diminish once you get used to wearing your appliance. All braces can cause some discomfort as they are putting pressure on your teeth. So, are lingual braces are as painful as you may think?

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