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Clear braces

When you have orthodontic treatment it is very important that you take good care of your appliance if it is a removable aligner style so that they don’t become damaged.  If they become damaged then it can potentially prolong your treatment length as we are unable to progress if a replacement aligner is required. Continue reading this blog to learn how to take care of your clear aligner braces.

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work by using gentle forces. Every few weeks, the aligners are changed to a pair tighter than the last. This gradually gives you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. The brand of clear braces we use here at Oldham Orthodontics is Invisalign.

The difference between clear braces and metal braces is that clear braces are invisible and removable. Sound good? Well, guess what, it is almost impossible to damage them while you’re eating because they aren’t meant to be worn while you’re eating.

What shouldn’t I do with clear braces?

Before choosing clear braces it is important that you’re aware of the things you aren’t allowed to do whilst wearing the aligners.

Eating and drinking anything other than clear, cool water should be done when you’ve taken your clear braces out. This is because the aligners are prone to both staining and damage and eating hard foods can crack the braces. Every time you do want to eat or have a drink, all you need to do is take your clear braces out and put them safely in their case. Then brush your teeth after you’ve eaten, before putting your clear braces back into your mouth. Consuming hot water or ice cold water will damage your clear braces. Hot water will cause them to deform, and ice water will lead them to crack.

When you aren’t wearing your clear braces, it is important to keep them in a cool safe place, such as their case (preferably up high, so your dog won’t decide to chew them). Resting them on tissue is also a bad idea as they can become stuck or thrown away. Also, remember to keep them away from a radiator or anything hot as this may cause them to warp.

What should I do if my clear braces break?

If your clear braces do become damaged, it is important that you contact your orthodontist straight away to get booked in for an emergency appointment.

If you’re an existing patient here at Oldham and are experiencing a problem with your brace, then contact us to book an appointment.