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Summer Oral Health Tips | Oldham Orthodontics

School’s out for summer, rush hour traffic is much more bearable and your holiday getaway may be just around the corner. Whatever you are looking forward to this summer, it’s unlikely that oral health will be at the top of your list. Whilst we don’t want to spoil any of your fun in the sun, here are a few gentle reminders of the importance of looking after your teeth and gums at this relaxed time of year:

Check up before you check in

Whilst you may be tempted to put off your orthodontic check-up or next braces appointment until after your holiday, doing so may increase the risk of something going wrong whilst you are away. Keeping up with your appointments before you travel will ensure that you have the right retainers or aligners to continue your teeth straightening treatment effectively and that you know how to look after your braces properly.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

Summer Oral Health Tips 2 | Oldham Orthodontics

It goes without saying that your toothbrush is one of the most vital items in your suitcase.  It’s not that you can’t buy a replacement when you get there, but if you use a specific type of toothbrush, particularly during braces treatment to enable you to clean your teeth effectively, then you may find it difficult to find a suitable alternative. 

Say Yes to Water

Summer Oral Health Tips 3 | Oldham Orthodontics

After a hot day on the beach, there’s nothing like a cool drink to keep refreshed.  Fizzy drinks and tempting cocktails however, contain a lot of sugar and should be kept to a minimum to avoid increasing the risk of tooth enamel erosion and dental decay. Remember also that alcohol is a leading cause of oral cancer, so enjoy yourself, but drink responsibly 😊

Pucker Up

Don’t forget about your lips when protecting your skin from the sun this summer.  Just as you need to apply suncream with a suitable SPF factor to your skin, so you also need to protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays. The lips are particularly vulnerable due to their lack of melanin so make sure you apply a UV lip balm.

Say no to acidic foods

Summer Oral Health Tips | Oldham Orthodontics

We all know that sugary foods and drinks should be eaten in moderation to help avoid tooth decay and gum disease, but did you also know that acidic foods can be harmful to your teeth? Summer favourites such as fruit juices and vinegary salad dressings might seem like the healthy option but again, choose these in moderation as they can erode your tooth enamel. 

If you are worried about going on holiday during your braces treatment please call us today on 0161 622 0987 or ask for advice at your next appointment.  ou can also follow our parents’ guide to summer braces care for more top tips.