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Early Orthodontics Treatment Benefits

It’s best to spot any problems within your child's developing mouth early so you can start treatment sooner before they turn into long term problems. Early prevention also means you can access treatment on the NHS, making it a much more affordable option for families.


Your child’s dentist may be the first person to notice if there are any serious issues in the development of their mouth and jaw. Usually, when they notice any problems, they will refer you to a specialist orthodontist so you can start treatment.

If your child doesn’t immediately need treatment, your dentist should follow their development and track their teeth and jaw placement to ensure they align properly and will have no problems in the future.

Sometimes, your dentist may not think your child needs braces at all. However, if you disagree and still wish to pursue orthodontic care for your child then going private is also an option.

Benefits of braces for children

Improves Confidence

It is completely normal for some children to struggle with self-esteem and confidence while they are growing up. Having crooked teeth can often cause some of these insecurities. Luckily, braces will straighten their teeth and in turn allow them to regain their confidence.

Helps With Speaking

Braces don’t just have cosmetic benefits but also help with many other things such as speech. If your child’s teeth or jaw are not aligned properly it could cause speech difficulties such as lisping, slurring and mispronouncing “S'' and “T”. Orthodontic treatment can help by correcting that alignment while they are still developing so they don’t have these problems further down the line.

Minimises risk of tooth decay

Children who have crooked teeth or overlapped teeth tend to find it harder to brush which can lead to poor oral hygiene, and worse case, tooth decay. Braces can straighten these crooked teeth, making it easier for your child to properly clean their entire mouth and reach the hard to get areas.

Here are a few more benefits you can expect from brace treatment.

  • Improves Digestion
  • Reduces Teeth Grinding
  • Corrects Harmful Oral Habits
  • Guides Adult Teeth

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