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braces at Christmas


Christmas is known around the world for being the season of food. Whether it’s the Christmas turkey, a chocolate everyday with your advent calendar or just the Christmas themed goods that you can’t resist. 

However, it is important that you are aware of what you are eating to not damage your brace and to keep up with your brace care routine every day. You wouldn’t want to damage your braces this Christmas or find that you have had less effective results at the end of your treatment time.

To ensure that you get the smile of your dreams at the end of treatment and enjoy Christmas too we have provided a few tips to protect your braces this season:


Post Party Routine

We understand with all the excitement, eating and partying around this time of year sticking to your brace care routine can slip your mind but it is so important for you to continue brushing your teeth after every meal. This will prevent any food that has become trapped sticking in your braces overnight.


Never Too Busy to Brush

While it may be a busy period, you should continue to clean between your braces and under the wires too. Why not play your favourite Christmas song to make the task more enjoyable?


Being Prepared

Always be prepared when you’re out and about this Christmas season. You may find yourself having more plans out of the house than normal, whether that be visiting family or enjoying a nice meal with friends. Our tip would be to carry an interdental brush and a small, travel toothbrush in case any food gets caught in between your braces. 


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