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Metal Braces or Ceramic Braces

Thanks to modern technology and experts in the field, orthodontic patients can choose from a range of brace appliances.

But with so many options available, we understand it can also be a little confusing for patients. That’s why we’ve created this short blog to help you understand the pros and cons of metal braces and ceramic braces.


Most aesthetically pleasing

While some people like the appearance of braces, not everyone does. So if you’re opting for a more discreet look, then ceramic braces are the right choice. They are made from tooth-coloured or clear materials, making them blend in with your natural teeth. Kind of like camouflage!


Most durable 

Given the strength of the materials used, metal braces tend to be more durable and offer excellent control. However that doesn’t mean ceramic braces break easily, they’re just as tough!


Easiest to clean

Surprisingly, some patients don’t realise that having a brace that’s easy to clean can make a world of difference to your treatment. So which is easier to clean? Although the mechanics are the same, metal braces are sometimes slightly clunkier, making it hard to reach certain areas in the mouth. But on the other hand, because ceramic braces stain easier you might find it a challenge to keep them ‘clean-looking’.


Most affordable

There’s no getting away from the fact that ceramic braces are almost always going to be a more expensive option than metal braces. Why? For one, higher-quality materials are used and two, treatment time can also take longer, which can have an impact on cost.


So which option is best for you?

When it comes to choosing between metal and ceramic braces, the best option will very much depend on your own circumstance. Consider the severity of your brace, how you want your braces to appear and the affordability of them.

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