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Only a few years ago, most people would have associated braces with teenagers, but more and more adults are now undergoing orthodontic treatments in the search for a smile they can be proud of. The fundamentals of teeth straightening are the same at any age, but a new survey shows that more adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment due to a number of factors.

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More discreet orthodontic treatments available

In recent years, one of the main reasons that more adults have decided to undergo teeth straightening treatments is that discreet treatments are much more readily available. Whilst many adults are put off the idea of teeth straightening due to the thought of wearing bulky, fixed metal braces, hidden braces such as ceramic braces, clear aligners and lingual braces mean that adults can straighten their smiles without the worry of drawing attention to their teeth.

  • Ceramic braces – Ceramic braces are fitted to the front of your teeth much like traditional metal braces, but the brackets used are clear or tooth coloured, so they are much less obvious.
  • Clear aligners – Invisalign clear aligners are one of the most popular orthodontic treatments available. Clear aligners are easy to use and can be removed to eat, drink and clean your teeth. The biggest draw is probably that they are made from clear, wafer thin transparent medical grade plastic. Adults can smile with confidence without worrying about their braces showing.
  • Lingual braces – Working in the same way as traditional braces, lingual braces can treat a wide range of orthodontic problems, but the brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth. As a result, lingual braces are probably the most discreet orthodontic treatment provided. Custom-made from gold, lingual braces fit the individual’s mouth.

More awareness

It can certainly be argued that the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in recent years is due to a heightened awareness of the range of treatments available. With more media coverage and more orthodontists introducing new orthodontic services, more adults are realising that there is more to braces than the old metal ‘train track’ kind.

As well as increasing awareness of the treatments available, adults are also learning more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment. As well as providing straighter teeth and an improved bite, treatment can have much wider health benefits as people benefit from much improved self-esteem and quality of life in general. By straightening their teeth, many adults can feel much more confident in their appearance and as a result, feel happier as they shed away insecurities.

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