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When you have your first appointment for your brace you will have many questions. When you have your brace fitted, you will no doubt have some more. At Oldham Orthodontics, we will not only answer those questions, but will provide you with all the advice and support that you need to make sure your brace does its job effectively, bringing you that perfect, confidence - boosting smile.

One of the most important questions you will have is about how to care for your brace. This is not just to ensure that it works properly, but also to make sure it is comfortable for you, the wearer. Brace care is quite simple however. Here are the key things you need to remember.

Braces Care | Oldham Orthodontics

Good routines

It is all about routines. Good routines. Keeping your teeth and mouth clean has never been so important. We will advise you on any cleaning that is required for the specific type of brace that you wear, but in addition to this, it is equally important to ensure your teeth are cleaned thoroughly, both in the daytime and at night. Having the right tools is part of this. Using the right toothbrush, one that can reach your teeth effectively, and flossing regularly will help you achieve a successful clean. A fluoride mouthwash will also help.

Eating habits

It isn't just a case of you are what you eat, it is also the case that your brace is what you eat. Now anything is possible, but that said, reducing or eliminating your intake of certain foods will mean you are less likely to experience problems with your brace. The harder, stickier or chewier your food, the more it can damage or get caught in the intricate wiring of your braces, meaning that you may need to make extra trips to your orthodontist, and ultimately, prolong the length of your treatment. Snacking between meals adds to the problem and is worth avoiding.

It isn't just the physical damage to your brace that can be a problem. Cleaning your teeth requires great care when you are wearing a brace. Getting at hard-to-reach areas between the fixings and the teeth themselves can be tricky, and if food is left to reside there, it will cause a build-up of plaque, or even cause decay.

It is great to know that your brace is working hard every day to give you the teeth that you want. All you need to do to help it along the way is to keep it, and your teeth, clean and healthy. If you have any questions about your brace, and its care, then please give us a call on 0161 622 0987.