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Orthodontic Consultation Questions | Oldham | Manchester Orthodontics

Trying something new can be worrying and you may feel anxious about starting your orthodontic treatment. We always suggest coming prepared, having a few questions at hand can not only help you gain useful information about your treatment but it will also naturally ease your nerves.

Not sure what to ask at your orthodontic consultation? Worry not, we’ve collated a few questions which you can use to make sure you’re fully ready for braces at Oldham Orthodontics.

Question #1 - Can you tell me about your background?

A great way to break the ice and find out a little more about the orthodontist who will be looking after you is by asking about them personally. So where they went to dental school, where they completed their orthodontic specialty residence and how long they have been practicing orthodontics. It should give you some peace of mind that they know what they are doing and can achieve a smile you want.

Question #2 - What treatments would you suggest?

Now what treatment you get will vary depending on your specific case and your requirements, but when talking with you they should be able to gauge which brace may suit you best. Of course after impressions and xrays, this answer may become more clear.

Question #3 - What will that treatment achieve?

If you’ve narrowed it down to a few different options then you will want to address the results you can achieve from them. Communicate exactly what you want to change about your smile and emphasise you want those results. Make sure you are both on the same page.

Question #4 - Are their other orthodontic options I should consider?

Before you move on with your decided treatment, double check that there may not be other options for you. They might suggest just 1 type of treatment, but always ask what else is offered.

Question #5 - Do you have similar cases you can show me?

Every orthodontic case is unique, but there may be a previous case similar to yours which they can show you to give you an idea on what results you might expect to see.

Question #6 - How long will my treatment take?

Although it’s one of the most commonly asked questions, be sure not to forget to ask. The average time for treatment is 2 years, but this will vary case to case. Find out the estimated duration and how often you should check-in throughout the treatment process.

Questions #7 - How much will my treatment cost?

Cost is pretty much the bottom line of orthodontic treatment, you need to be able to afford the full treatment to really get the results you want. You need to find out what’s included in the cost and if there are any additional fees you need to know about. We do offer payment plans so be sure to ask about them too.

Question #8 - What changes will I need to make during treatment?

It’s not just down to your orthodontist to make your journey a smooth and easy one, a lot of the work is on you too. You may need to make changes to your oral habits and diet, not being aware of these could have damaging effects on your brace. Also find out what changes you may experience during treatment such as how it affects speech and chewing.

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