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brace care at christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family but for most people the best part is the food. It’s always hard to stay away from the sweet treats and buffet table on the big day. This is fine unless you have braces where should take extra care as it can cause damage. Keep reading to find out how to get through the festive season now.

Some of the foods you eat during Christmas can have an effect on your braces. For example turkey and roasted meats can get stuck in between your teeth and in your braces. Always follow your brace care guide and brush your teeth around 30 minutes after every meal to ensure that no food is left and eliminate plaque formation.

For the best effects, you should follow this strict cleaning routine:

  • You should brush for a minimum of two minutes, after removing elements such as elastic bands etc,
  • Starting at the gums, clean each of your teeth one at a time in circular motions. Be careful not to be too rough as it may cause damages to your braces, so gentle pressure is advised,
  • For those hard-to-reach areas you should arch your toothbrush in order to be sure nothing is missed,
  • You should clean all of your brace, including any wires to remove all bacteria and ensure that plaque won’t form,
  • Floss your teeth, as instructed by your dentist. You may choose to use a Floss Threader, a device used in order to thread dental floss under your orthodontic braces where plaque usually forms, an alternative to flossing is interdental brushes (they look like bottle brushes)  choose the correct size for your interdental space or ask your dental professional for further guidance,
  • You should rinse your mouth at a separate time to brushing with a fluoride mouthwash to further remove any bacteria and strengthen your teeth,
  • Finally you should make sure to visit your dentist and orthodontist regularly for check ups and if you have any issues.

What to do if you encounter a problem?

There are many problems that can occur when you have braces, especially if you decide to munch on all your favourite winter foods. So be careful not to eat hard, sharp or chewy foods and follow the above oral hygiene routine.

Some of the problems you could face include:

  • Loose bands,
  • Loose brackets,
  • Bent wires,
  • Broken wires,
  • Broken appliances.

Though these are only rare they are serious problems and if they occur you should contact your orthodontist and arrange an appointment for a checkup.