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When wearing braces, either fixed or removable, to improve the positioning of your teeth it is important to take extra care of your teeth and gums.  Dental problems such as tooth decay, inflamed gums and decalcification (where calcium is lost from the surface of the teeth) can be exacerbated by wearing braces so during your treatment your mouth will need a little extra TLC.

Good Oral Health | Oldham Orthodontics

If you are currently undergoing teeth straightening treatment, or if it is something you would like to consider in the future, here is our advice for maintaining good oral health when wearing braces:

Brushing – generally it is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day, however when wearing braces, you may need to be prepared to brush more frequently as particles of food can easily become lodged in the braces and the longer they stay there, the more dental problems they are likely to lead to.  We advise you to brush your teeth after every meal, paying particular attention to each tooth and the gums surrounding it to make sure you have removed all traces of food.  TOP TIP – begin by washing your mouth out with water to rinse away larger food particles, that way you can really concentrate your brushing technique on cleaning your teeth and gums.

Flossing – just because you are undergoing orthodontic treatment does not mean you can stop flossing your teeth, in fact you will need this technique more than ever now to keep the spaces between your teeth free of food debris so you do not develop a build-up of plaque.  TOP TIP – waxed floss or dental tape may be easier to slide between teeth and is less likely to break.

Good Oral Health | Oldham Orthodontics

Eating - Aside from the general advice for brace wearers of avoiding particularly hard, chewy or sticky foods, there is no reason why you can’t eat normally when undergoing braces treatment.  You may find during the first few days of treatment, whilst you get used to wearing your braces, that it is easier to eat slowly and stick to softer foods.  However, once you get used to your braces you should be able to eat a sensible, healthy diet, although it is best to avoid fizzy, sugary drinks as these erode the teeth and can also stain your braces.  TOP TIP – cut food into smaller pieces, at least to begin with, so you can get used to chewing with your braces on.

Good oral health is important for everyone, at every age, but taking extra precautions whilst wearing braces will help you to avoid any complications so the results are the great looking teeth you’ve been waiting for.

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