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Foods that stain your teeth

You may have seen the title and become immediately worried that the food your eating will leave stains on your teeth. We're talking over time, so don't put that blueberry down just yet. Continue reading to find out why tooth staining happens and the foods that do it.

What causes it?

The enamel on your teeth contains small ridges where food and drink particles can get trapped. When trapped, the pigments in the food will give a marked appearance to your teeth. So, which foods should I be aware of?

Tea & Coffee

Everyone loves a cuppa but if your drinking tea and coffee regularly, you will start to notice a change in your teeth. It is worse when you have black tea and coffee. Cutting out the drinks will prevent further staining, but if you do need that caffeine rush then adding a splash of milk will help.


For obvious reasons, the dark purple vegetable will cause some staining, and not just to your teeth! While beetroot juice may seem like a health drink, it is harmful when most concentrated. So if you are into healthy eating we suggest you brush your teeth within an hour after consuming.

Tomato Sauce

If you like Italian food then read up, tomato sauce’s orange/red colour is a nightmare for your pearly whites. Like the beetroot, there’s more risk of discolouration when the concentration is higher, for example when it is pureed. However, if you do enjoy tomato sauce then eating green veg like spinach and lettuce first can prevent the staining, by creating a film over your teeth.


Berries such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries will have an effect on the whiteness of your teeth. The dark fruits contain high colour pigments which is why it’s so important for you to swill your mouth out with water after eating them.

While foods do have an effect on the colour of your teeth, maintaining good oral hygiene also helps your white smile. Contact us now to learn more about tooth whitening and our hygienist!