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Both Invisalign and traditional braces work to straighten your teeth, but is one better than the other? Why not continue reading to learn more about each appliance and how they differ from one another?

What are metal braces?

Metal braces are made up of metal wires and brackets that are fixed to your teeth and elastic bands that are used to correct your bite. They are the most common type of brace because they are the cheapest and quickest to straighten your teeth.

What are Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign is an invisible appliance made for a discreet fix to those crooked teeth. Invisalign is more expensive, so why do people choose them? Well, for adults they give a sneaky alternative to bulky wires, so you can have perfect teeth without anyone knowing.

Is Invisalign really as effective as metal braces?

We all know that traditional metal or ‘train-track’ braces are fixed to your teeth and use pressure in order to move your teeth into the desired position. Invisalign, however, are removable so aren’t always working, unlike metal braces.

If you have complex malocclusions/bites, traditional braces will give you the straight smile you’ve always wanted, quicker than those who choose Invisalign.

Invisalign are effective in creating great oral hygiene, after everything you eat you should brush your teeth so that food and bacteria don’t get caught in your aligners. This means that you will be brushing your teeth a good few times a day.

Despite the fact that traditional braces may be slightly better than Invisalign, based on price, the time they take and personal preference overall both appliances are very effective in doing what they’re supposed to, straighten your teeth!

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