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Brace Care | Lockdown | Oldham | Manchester Orthodontics

As many of you know, our practice is currently closed due to the government led lockdown for Coronavirus. 

However, we are still available for support and guidance for ongoing treatment or emergency orthodontic issues over the phone on 0161 998 2622.

Since our patients are no longer able to come for routine care, we’ve collated some useful tips in the meantime to support you during self-isolation.

Invisalign treatment

We advise that you continue to wear your clear aligners as discussed with your orthodontist. If you’ve finished your 2 week course of one tray and need to move onto the next then please contact us to get further advice.

Elastic bands for fixed braces

Continue to wear your elastic bands as prescribed until your next appointment date, them move to night time wear only. If you’re unsure on whether your teeth are in the correct position, take a photo and send it to us. We’ll contact you to let you know what to do. If you run out of rubber bands, you can contact us for further support.

Wires from braces digging in

If the wire from your brace is digging into your cheek or gums then it might be possible to fix this from home. Either you or a family member can use tweezers to push the wire back into place or use a nail clipper to clip off the excess wire sticking out. If this doesn’t work, then you may have to resort to using dental wax or the red skin off a Babybell to cover the end in the meantime. 


If you’re still wearing your retainer following orthodontic treatment at Oldham Orthodontics, then you must continue to wear the appliance as directed by your orthodontist. If you don’t do this then your teeth may move back to their original position, or relapse. Leaving your retainer out for 1 or 2 days can still result in your teeth moving, so better be safe than sorry.

Broken or lost retainers

If you’ve lost or broken your retainer, or you’re worried your teeth are moving, then contact us immediately.

These are just a few ways you can ensure your orthodontic treatment runs smoothly from home but obviously maintaining a good dental hygiene routine is also important. Clean your teeth and appliance regularly (three times a day), and also try to stick to a good and balanced diet.

The health, wellbeing and safety of our patients, their families and our staff remain our top priority at Oldham Orthodontics. We’d like to thank our patients for their understanding during the COVID-19 situation and we will hopefully see you all again soon.  Take care and stay safe.