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Invisalign aligners

Now you have decided on which orthodontic appliance to go for we want to help you progress through Invisalign treatment with sparkling teeth and crystal-clear aligners.  Clean teeth and healthy gums enable the teeth to move quickly as they won’t be stuck together with calculous (hard calcified deposits that attach to your teeth). Throughout orthodontic treatment, we advise good daily oral hygiene and regular hygiene visits at your dental practice.

Your teeth need to be brushed morning and evening as part of your daily routine, we would also recommend that you use an interdental (in-between teeth) aid such as floss or tepe brushes (bottlebrushes) daily to keep the teeth thoroughly clean. After every meal or snack, it is important to clean your teeth otherwise plaque and food debris will be trapped between your Invisalign aligner and your tooth, this will put your teeth at risk of developing cavities and will also cause the aligner to become cloudy. 

To keep your Invisalign aligners sparkly clean, we advise they are brushed daily with a toothbrush, this will manually remove any plaque that has built up in your Invisalign throughout the day. Use cool water to clean them as warm water will melt them and warrant replacement aligners. To give them an extra sparkle a retainer cleaning solution can be used such as Retainer brite or Effer-ves. These are available to purchase at the practice or online. When your Invisalign aligners are not in your mouth ensure they are kept in their box, this will not only keep them clean but prevent them from becoming lost. We also advise that in your second box, you keep your previous Invisalign aligners so you always have one to step back into should the current one become misplaced. 

Once you are happy with the final position of your teeth, we will place bonded retainers behind your teeth. These are thin wire’s that are bonded to the inside surface of your front teeth, we will then make you a set of retainers. Retainers look similar to your Invisalign aligners however they are thicker and retain the position of the teeth rather than being an active appliance like you have previously worn.

Your Invisalign should be cleaned daily in the morning once you have removed them. Again, brush the inside with a toothbrush and cool water. Ensure that the water is not freezing cold as this will develop cracks in the retainer and warm water will distort it. You will be provided with an ultrasonic bath to use weekly along with a box of retainer cleaning solution to keep them clean also.

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