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Relieve brace pain

Once you’ve had braces fitted or tightened it is very common to feel some sort of pain. This is usually caused by the sudden pressure that has been applied to your teeth. After a few weeks of wearing your braces, the pain should fade. In the meantime, how do I relieve the pain?

Eating softer foods

Immediately after having your braces fitted, eating will seem somewhat painful. This is because the food you are eating is putting extra pressure on your teeth. Having softer foods for the first week or two will prevent this, so which foods are suitable?

  • Soups or anything liquid because there is zero chewing involved,
  • Oatmeal and rice pudding,
  • Mashed potato,
  • Soft bread, but no crusts,
  • Eggs,
  • Cooked vegetables such as carrots and potatoes,
  • Soft fruits.

Drinking cold water

Cold water and anything of a low temperature is a great way to temporarily numb pain. So when that pain is in your mouth, drinking a nice glass of ice water can feel heavenly. Patient’s also like to eat a bowl of ice cream as this sweet treat also helps. Ice packs are also great for numbing pain.

If you have Invisalign you should take out the aligners before having anything ice cold. The freezing temperatures will cause them to warp, and you don’t want to have to wait for a new pair to be made again.

Orthodontic wax

If your braces are causing you pain because the wires or brackets are rubbing against your gums, cheeks and tongue, then applying orthodontic wax could be the perfect fix. The wax works great with metal braces, ceramic braces, functional braces and lingual braces. The wax covers your braces to stop them from continuing to rub. You can find this wax at a pharmacy but you should have been given it at your brace fitting.

Take an over-the-counter pain relief

If your brace pain becomes unbearable and disrupts your everyday life, then you should go to a pharmacy or your orthodontist and ask for their advice on suitable pain relief. This should only be a temporary fix and your orthodontist will know what’s best for you.

Give your braces time to adjust

Not everything comes naturally, so getting used to braces will take some time. Once your teeth are used to your braces the pain should subside, this is usually within a couple of weeks. If the pain lasts longer than that you should contact your orthodontist to book an appointment.