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brace emergencies

When something hurts, or even if some little thing is just bugging you with your braces, we want to help. Here at Oldham Orthodontics, our entire team want to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible and that also includes dealing with brace emergencies.

With that in mind, here is some advice and information about some things you can do to fix minor problems at home.

Problem: Tooth soreness and discomfort

Solution: Although you shouldn't feel pain with braces, you may feel slight soreness or discomfort. This can be easily remedied with over-the-counter pain medication like Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.

Problem: Poking archwire

Solution: There are a few ways you can fix this problem, including using dental wax over the area to stop it scratching the inside of your mouth. You can also try to cut the wire closer to the bracket using nail clippers. And lastly, you can also try to push the wire back into the bracket using tweezers or small pliers.

Some ‘emergencies’ don’t typically need to be fixed. Things such as:  

  • Loose or detached bracket
  • Lost elastic
  • Discoloration of elastics

Although they are not ideal, they can be left until your next check up appointment where your orthodontist will then replace and reglue any damaged wires, elastics or brackets.

The main reason why the above problems occur is because damage has been made to the brace. Whether that’s because they have been knocked or the wrong foods have been eaten, sometimes simply playing with your braces can result in elastics and brackets coming loose. Our advice to avoid these ‘emergencies’ would be to avoid them in the first place. That means avoid engaging in any contact sport that may knock your braces. Avoid eating hard or chewy foods such as popcorn, hard fruits and nuts - we have a blog with more diet suggestions here

If you really are struggling and would like to see your orthodontist, call us on 0161 768 0931 to book an emergency appointment. As mentioned at the start of this blog, some problems won’t warrant an emergency appointment so you may have to wait until your next scheduled check up appointment.

For any more questions about treatment and brace care, feel free to email us at