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Ceramic Braces | Oldham | Manchester Orthodontics

Ceramic braces, also known as clear braces, are an orthodontic appliance used to straighten teeth and fix a patient’s bite or minor jaw discrepancies. They are made of clear or tooth-coloured ceramic brackets which are attached to the surface of your teeth with clear or tooth-coloured wires.


So why could they be going yellow?

The white ceramic braces themselves do not stain but the elastics that hold the wire to the teeth could potentially stain. Discolouration can happen for many reasons, reasons we will discuss below.

Bad Hygiene

If you don’t keep up with a proper and regular oral hygiene routine then your teeth and braces are naturally going to start turning a yellowish colour. Bad oral health not only makes your teeth less white but it can also lead to medical problems such as tooth decay and gum bleeding.

Food and Drink

Many foods and drinks have naturally occurring dyes which are prone to staining things like your braces. Foods like spices, beetroot, tomato soups, soy sauce and berries all risk staining your appliance. The same goes for drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine. 

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Preventing Discolouration

So how can you stop your braces turning yellow?

For starters, you can maintain a thorough cleaning routine. This means brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time, and if you have time also brush after every meal to remove food particles from your teeth and braces. It would also be wise to floss and use mouthwash regularly too.

As for your diet, try to avoid food and drink that stain. It may be difficult, so if you sometimes succumb to those foods just remember to brush your teeth and orthodontic appliance immediately afterwards.

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