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things to avoid when wearing braces

Gaining the perfect smile may seem easy when you choose braces however there are certain things you will need to avoid, in order to make the whole process a lot simpler.

Read on to learn the 5 things that you should avoid doing with braces!

Biting Foods

The wires and brackets of your braces can break easily if you decide to eat tough, hard or chewy foods. Foods such as apples and corn on the cob are a no-go, instead soft foods like mashed potato and banana are a great alternative.

If you like chewing ice you should know that it is the worst thing you could bite into and will damage your braces. Instead try drinking cold, water without the ice. Or if it’s the cold sensation you desire then eat ice cream. If you choose to wear Invisalign, removable aligners, you will be able to continue to eat these foods, but with some caution.

Chewing Foreign Objects

It may be tempting to chew the end of your pen or bite your fingernails when stressed or bored. By doing so you are applying pressure to your braces and are at risk of something snapping. If you feel the need to fiddle with something when bored why not try a stress ball.

Opening Things With Your Teeth

It may be very tempting to open a bottle or tear into a plastic bag with your teeth but it is very dangerous. The wires could get caught in the plastic and rip them out of your mouth. This would result in needing to book an emergency appointment to fix the breakages.

Leaving Rubber Bands in While You Eat

The rubber bands on your metal braces are used so that your jaw moves into place, along with your teeth. You shouldn’t leave them in while you’re eating as pieces of your food will get stuck to them and you may even swallow them. This isn’t good for your insides. Depending on the food you eat, chewing could also cause them to snap and you would need to get a replacement.

Not Flossing

Flossing your teeth is an important part of your dental hygiene routine, especially when you are wearing a brace. Food is likely to get stuck in between your teeth and caught in the wires and brackets of your brace. If left without being cleaned, you could have major dental problems to fix once your braces have been removed. Enamel-eating plaque will build up around those hard to reach areas of your mouth when food gets stuck, resulting in cavities.

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