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What is best to eat with braces?

The British summer looks to be over but if you are jetting away to a warmer climate this month then check out alternative options for snacks whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Ice lollies

Everyone loves ice cream or ice lolly to cool down whilst strolling out and about or relaxing by the pool but look for a sugar-free option instead. Often ice lollies can be purchased in a sugar-free option or why not buy the moulds and make them up yourself with sugar-free cordial if you are at home. Jazz up your water with re freezable funky colored ice cubes.

Cold drinks

Fizzy pop is a no-go whilst wearing orthodontic appliances so channel your inner Love Island and purchase a handy water bottle to sip on the go. Plain water is the only drink that is completely safe during your treatment because it doesn’t have any additives, sugar or carbonates. Sparkling and flavored water has a similar effect as pop, therefore, must be avoided too.

Meals safe for braces

Appetites generally suppress in the heat so keep well hydrated and ensure you eat your three meals a day. For breakfast why not have yogurt and seasonal fruits? Granary bread toast and granola can often contain nuts and seeds that are too hard to eat whilst wearing orthodontic appliances causing brackets to detach from the tooth. For lunch, opt for a fresh salad with all your favorite ingredients as opposed to a crunchy baguette or ciabatta roll.  Evening meals rarely cause problems unless you are eating a crispy pizza, by all means still, eat the middle of the pizza but avoid the crust. Your evening meal can be completed with a fruit platter, as sticky desserts may cause the little elastics that hold your wires on your brackets to dislodge.

If you fancy the occasional snack then fruit is refreshing, be mindful to cut up apples and eat them on your back teeth and always brush your teeth 30 mins after eating. If you experience any problems with your braces, make sure you give us a call on 0161 768 0931 and we'll be happy to book you in for an emergency appointment