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Are your wedding plans now in full swing? The venues booked, the dress and suits have been purchased, you have scheduled your photographer and videographer? Well now is the time to consider your smile! Do you want the perfect smile for the most perfect day? Continue reading this blog and learn everything you need to know about achieving the perfect smile for your wedding day.

Are you conscious of having your photograph taken from a certain angle because your teeth don’t look right or you have always wanted straight teeth but never had the push to do something about it? With your wedding around the corner then why not do something about it, we want your smile to be beaming on your wedding day and orthodontic treatment can provide you with a solution. The sooner you book a consultation before the wedding the better so we can ensure we have plenty of time to achieve the desired result. We have brace options to suit all lifestyles and budgets that are cosmetic and from a social distance will go unnoticed.  

Semi-invisible fixed ceramic braces on the front of your teeth are the most cost-effective treatment and the quickest to start if we are restricted with time. They do an excellent job at teeth straightening too.

Invisible options come in the form of Invisalign or lingual Incognito braces. These involve taking a scan of your teeth and submitting a treatment plan in time to have a custom-made appliance manufactured, which usually takes around a month. Once we receive the appliance back, we can arrange a suitable time for it to be fitted. As they are completely invisible you may even be happy to continue wearing the appliance to finesse the results following your wedding, although we would aim to complete treatment in time for the special occasion.

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