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Ceramic Braces

Wearing braces isn’t the only time to take care of your mouth, having a great oral hygiene routine is essential to combat those cavities. In today’s blog, we’re going to learn just how many times brushing is needed.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces have an identical function to traditional metal braces, which is to straighten your teeth using gradual pressure. The only difference is that they are fitted to your teeth using clear or tooth coloured brackets. As well as this, they use metal wires that run across your teeth and through the brackets.

Ceramic braces are usually chosen by people who want invisible aligners such as Invisalign but have teeth which are too overcrowded or crooked. Metal braces are the most effective straightening option available, so knowing that there’s an unseen alternative will be beneficial to anyone who’s looking at fixing their smile!

How many times should I be brushing my teeth?

It’s no excuse to brush your teeth more often with ceramic braces than you did without them. It’s not just about keeping your ceramic braces in perfect condition, it’s also about preventing tooth decay, plaque and cavities forming. You should be brushing your teeth 30 minutes after every meal, to remove any food that may have got caught between your teeth and your ceramic brace. This will also decrease bacteria build-up.

Ceramic braces are clear or tooth coloured which makes it important that you avoid staining. Highly-pigmented foods such as blackberries, beetroot, curries and anything tomato-based cause risk to discolouration of your ceramic braces. If you were to eat foods that stained your ceramic braces, then swilling out your mouth with water immediately after really helps. Then brush your teeth as normal, making sure not to scrub too hard as this may scratch the brackets.

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