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Pain is never fun, which can be a reason to be put off orthodontic treatment. But fear not, there are appliances that reduce discomfort so that you can get on with your day pain-free.

What causes orthodontic pain?

You may hear stories about orthodontic appliances causing severe pain but this is only if there’s a problem with the brace or you have a cavity. Braces, however, aren’t completely pain-free because your teeth are moving, of course, you will feel something.

When a brace is first fitted there will be some pain or discomfort. This will last at most a few days, while your teeth get used to the new pressure they’ve been put under. There’s no need to worry as this should subside. If it lasts for over a week, then you should contact your orthodontist as there may be a problem with the brace.

Does Invisalign hurt?

Invisalign is a great tooth-straightening option that applies pressure to your teeth through clear plastic trays. Unlike fixed metal braces, they are removable so you’re able to eat and brush your teeth as normal.

Invisalign is generally less painful than metal appliances but like tightening the appliance, putting in a new Invisalign tray will hurt a bit more than the last. After using Invisalign for a while, your teeth will adapt to the pressure.

How can I soothe the pain?

If you do experience some pain during treatments such as Invisalign that you feel is being caused by something other than pressure then there are a few ways to soothe it until your next orthodontist appointment:

  • Eat a bowl of ice cream or drink some cool water. The cold temperatures will temporarily numb the pain,
  • Using brace wax will cover any sharp parts of your braces and protect your gums,
  • Numbing gels offer a longer fix as they last for a few hours. They can be bought from pharmacists and supermarkets,
  • Pressing a hot water bottle or icepack against your cheek will again, numb the sensitive area and relieve discomfort.

If you’re suffering from pain caused by your Invisalign then get in touch with your orthodontist as soon as possible!