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Festive Braces Care | Oldham Orthodontics

As the festive parties are in full swing, it's time to eat, drink and be merry this Christmas. If you have braces you will need to be wary of what you eat and drink as some things can have a negative impact on your teeth and braces. Read this blog to learn which festive treats you need to stay away from this year.

Mulled Wine
Mulled wine is packed with sugar and oranges which both can cause tooth decay. Sugar is the main cause of cavities so consuming high amounts isn’t the best option. Mulled wine contains oranges which again put your teeth at risk. This time through erosion of the enamel due to the acidity of the oranges.

We suggest you swap the wine for a sugar-free alternative, followed by a glass of water to rinse your mouth afterwards. This is very important especially if you have ceramic braces as the red wine colour will cause staining to your braces.

Dried fruits
Most Christmas treats are filled with dried fruits such as raisins and dried cranberries. While they taste delicious and may seem healthy, they are again full of sugar. They are also sticky and chewy and can damage the wires and brackets of metal braces. Mince pies, fruitcake and Christmas pudding should be avoided or eaten with care.

It isn’t a Christmas party without a cheese board filled with tasty cheeses and chutney. Unfortunately crackers - not the pulling type though - aren’t suitable for your braces because of their hard texture they can easily cause your braces to bend or snap. Alternatively, you can skip the crackers and go straight to the cheese!

We all know that sweets contain a high amount of sugar so it’s pretty clear that your dentist and orthodontists will be telling you to limit the number of sweet treats in your diet. If you are wearing braces, hard-boiled sweets and chewy sweets should be avoided at all costs because they will result in an emergency visit to the orthodontist to have the damages fixed. If you do fancy something sweet, you’ll be happy to find out that chocolate is safe for your braces. As long as it’s eaten at room temperature and in small amounts.

We hope you and your braces have a happy Christmas. If you do have any problems then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 768 0931 to book an emergency appointment.