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As a child, you are usually encouraged by your dentist to start brace treatment free on the NHS so that your teeth can be straightened before your 18th birthday. After, you will have to pay for further dental and orthodontic work you have done. In this blog, we discuss what is the best age for you to start brace treatment. 



The best time for you to start brace treatment is in your childhood while your head, teeth and jaw are still growing. It is suggested that your child starts their brace treatment at around 10-14 years of age, once they have lost all of their baby teeth as treatment will be more beneficial. If your child is below the age of 18, they may be eligible for free orthodontic treatment on the NHS. 


To find out whether your child is able to have their treatment for free, you will have to consult their dentist. If your dentist says the orthodontic treatment is required, they will refer you to an orthodontic practice where you will be on a waiting list to be seen when space becomes available. 


Which brace is best?

Metal braces are the most effective type of appliance when it comes to straightening the teeth. They offer a fast treatment option that helps straighten crowded, overlapping and gappy teeth. Other options that we have found effective amongst children are functional braces or twin block braces. Functional braces are a removable appliance that straightens your teeth while encouraging your jaw to grow into the correct biting position. They also help prevent your child from developing issues with their bite such as overjet, overbite, underbite or open bite. 


Can I have braces as an adult?

Yes, you can start orthodontic treatment when you are an adult but the cost of your treatment won’t be covered by the NHS. You will have to pay for your treatment in full. This can, however, be paid for in monthly instalments. As they won’t be effective once your jaw has fully grown, functional braces will not work to correct your bite, so you may be required to have jaw surgery combined with braces. 


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