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Once you have had your braces removed you will need to have a retainer fitted to prevent your teeth from moving out of their new perfectly straight position. We've seen many patients come to us after their brace treatment as their teeth have relapsed, meaning their teeth have moved back into their original position. As your teeth are constantly moving we recommend you have a retainer fitted immediately after braces. 

What are My Options?

The most common types of retainer are the Essix removable plastic retainer. The Hawley retainer which is another removable retainer consisting of a metal wire attached to a piece of plastic that’s moulded to the shape of your mouth. Bonded retainers are a fitted appliance that is bonded to the backs of your front teeth.

Are Retainers Permanent?

Now you know your options, you’re probably thinking about how long you need to wear a retainer for. Well to keep your teeth straight forever, you are going to have to wear a retainer indefinitely. If you choose to wear a bonded retainer, that will always be fixed to the back of your teeth. As the retainer is only small and thin, over time you will get used to the feel of it in your mouth. You will also have to wear an Essix retainer along with a bonded retainer.

Which Retainer is Best?

If you’re unsure of which retainer is best we’ve listed the benefits of each removable and fixed retainers to help you choose.


Essix Retainer


  • As Essix retainers are made of clear plastic, they are very discreet and can’t be seen in photos,
  • They are made to perfectly fit the shape of your teeth,
  • They are easy to remove when you want to eat something and brush your teeth,
  • They are comfortable to wear.

Hawley retainer


  • They are more durable than the plastic retainers as they are made from hard plastic and metal,
  • They can be adjusted for a perfect fit in your mouth,
  • If they become damaged they can be repaired easily by your Orthodontist.


Bonded Retainers


  • They can’t be seen at all making them the most discreet option,
  • You can’t forget to put them in your mouth or lose them as they are permanently fixed,
  • They can last a long time, but may need to be repaired or replaced,
  • It’s hard to damage this type of retainer. 

If you are coming towards the end of your brace treatment and need a retainer, talk to your Orthodontist to see which appliance is best for you. If you already have a retainer and experience a problem, make sure you contact us on 0161 768 0931 and we will be able to have it fixed in no time so you can smile away.