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If you’re going away soon to catch the last of the summer sun and want to know some tips on keeping your braces clean, whilst having fun on holiday then make sure to give this blog a read.

Clean after eating

If you are out on a day trip, by the pool or out of your hotel and fancy a snack, you will need to brush your teeth after. If you don’t like the idea of carrying a heavy bag full of things to clean your braces, then travel miniatures are what you need. If there's nowhere to clean your teeth then rinse your mouth with water or a miniature mouthwash as this will keep you going before you get to the hotel. If you forget to bring your mini’s with you, rinse your mouth with water and give your teeth a clean once you’re back. 


Foods to avoid

It’s easy to be tempted by sweet and unhealthy foods on holiday, especially when you go all-inclusive, but remember, there are certain foods that you need to avoid when you’re wearing braces. You should stay away from any foods that are crunchy such as nuts and crisps. Braces also don’t like sticky foods as they tend to get stuck in between your wires.


Brace safe treats include ice cream, fresh fruits and soft cakes without sticky icing. You just have to remember to eat these in moderation and brush your teeth after to avoid plaque buildup and the risk of cavities. 


Swimming with braces

One of the best things about going on holiday is having fun in the pool and swimming in the sea but does the chlorine and saltwater have an effect on my braces? The answer to this question is no. It is perfectly safe to swim with metal braces and Invisalign braces. Train track braces are made from metal that doesn’t rust, so your free to chill in the pool all day long with no damage. 


If you have Invisalign, we advise you to rise the aligners thoroughly after you get out of the pool. As for swimming in the sea, the water actually benefits your Invisalign as the salt can kill germs and bacteria from the trays. This being said, we do still advise you to rinse them after you’re finished. 


If you experience any problems with your braces whilst on holiday then you will need to book an emergency appointment with us once you get back.