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Orthodontic Wax | Oldham Orthodontics

Orthodontic wax is used as a comfort for when your brace irritates the inside of your mouth. It is common for a brace to cause some discomfort once it has been fitted. If you’re looking to have braces or have just had them fitted, then there is a way to soothe the pain. 


Orthodontic wax

Not all patients suffer from irritation from their brace but some do and the wax can be a huge relief. When the brace irritates it can leave an ulcerated like surface in the mouth. This can be because the metal brackets and wires are rubbing against your gums and cheeks. As you get used to having the appliance in your mouth, you should feel some ease. 


What is the wax made from? 

Orthodontic wax is made from vegetable oil which is suitable for all patients. As the wax will either fall off throughout the day or it will come off when brushing your teeth, there’s no need to worry if the wax is digested because will cause no problems. 


How do I apply Orthodontic wax? 

The wax needs to be applied to a dry surface of the brace, whether it is a bracket or a wire we advise to dry the brace with a dry flannel and then apply the wax to the affected area. This then acts like a plaster stopping the irritation on the inside of the mouth.


Wax is purchasable from your orthodontic reception for a small fee. Contact us on 0161 768 0931 to find out more.