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Do I need braces?

Do i need braces?

First things first -  what are braces?

Braces are typically used to straighten teeth and correct your bite.

Not only do they achieve a perfect smile, they can also have many oral health benefits too. Any person of any age can get braces, although they are more common among children.

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Updated Information on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Update | Oldham | Manchester Orthodontics

The UK is currently under government lockdown meaning a lot of orthodontic practices, including Oldham Orthodontics, have been closed.

It has been our top priority to ensure patients are updated as and when we get more information from the government, but we understand some of you may be worried.

We hope this blog will provide some clarity to the situation we are in and put your mind at rest in terms of your orthodontic treatment.

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Brace Cleaning Tips

Braces Cleaner | Oldham | Manchester Orthodontics

Cleaning your teeth is an important part of the day, especially when you have braces or Invisalign®. If you don’t look after your teeth you will develop plaque buildup and even cavities. In today’s blog, we’ll be giving you teeth cleaning tips that will give you a beautiful, healthy smile. 

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