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brace pain

With every brace, there will be some minor pain that you will experience. This is caused by the pressure of the braces as they move your teeth into the correct position. Pain can also be caused as the metal brackets and wires on the braces rub against the tissues in your mouth. This should fade over time as the tissues become stronger. This blog will recommend you the best methods that will help reduce brace pain.

Change of Diet

When you first have your braces fitted your gums will feel tender, due to the new added pressure, which is normal. So, of course, you won’t want to eat anything too tough as it will feel sore. Changing your diet for the first couple of weeks is highly recommended. Soft foods such as fruit and vegetables, pasta and rice are all fine.

Brushing Your Teeth

You should brush your teeth using a soft-bristled brush to avoid irritation to your gums. Brushing too hard with or without braces will damage your enamel, or worse, your gums, then putting you at risk of having more serious dental problems. (You can read more about brace care here).

Ice and Cold Water

Drinking some ice cold water will help to reduce pain following a check-up or procedure. The cold will numb the pain, giving you instant relief. Alternatively, you could hold an ice pack against the outside of your mouth to numb the pain and relieve inflammation.

Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax can be used to stop the metal parts of your braces from rubbing against your gums, lips and cheeks. The wax creates a protective layer to avoid irritation from any sharp parts of your brace. The wax is usually given to you by your orthodontist but if not it can be bought from a drug store.


With something like braces, patience is key. If it takes time for your teeth to move into place, it will take time for your gums to adjust to the new appliance. The initial pain of braces should subside within a few days but if not we recommend that you get in touch with your orthodontic right away to book an appointment.

So there you go, some of the best brace pain relief options that will get you through the first stages of wearing braces.


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