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Removable braces that can aid correction of the most severe of orthodontic cases? If you’re wondering what this amazing sounding appliance is, then we highly recommend you continue reading. The appliance is called a functional brace, which is made up of two removable plastic pieces that fit to the top and bottom sets of teeth in order to straighten your teeth while correcting your bite. So, want to know the benefits?

Corrects severe bites

Whether you have crooked, gappy or teeth that stick out, a receding jaw or an overbite, functional braces are there to aid correcting them. They are at a greater benefit to younger patients as they encourage their jaw to grow towards the normal biting position.


With a functional brace you have the ability to brush your teeth without worrying about damaging part of the brace, struggling to reach difficult areas or having the fear of swallowing an elastic band like with traditional metal braces. Functional braces allow you to ‘function’, while straightening your teeth. You do however have clean the braces when you take them out, so be gentle and try not to damage anything. (You can read more about brace care on our website.)

You can also remove the braces while you are eating, which avoids the possibility of causing damage to them when eating chewy and hard foods. When you do this though you should put the braces in a case or in a place where they won’t get damaged or lost. The last thing you need is an emergency appointment and the worry your teeth will move back to their original position!

Oral Health

No one wants swollen or red gums but this is something that is caused by overcrowded teeth or teeth that are too widely spaced apart. When this happens food can get lodged in between and behind teeth, which will result in decay and plaque to form. This will then be difficult to remove and need to be cleaned by your dentist. As the teeth straighten, using functional braces, your ability to brush all areas of your mouth will improve.

Functional braces


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