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Is it time to change your toothbrush?


It’s normal for us to replace old shoes if they get worn out, or if your clothes become faded we buy new ones. But we never really think about replacing our old toothbrushes. This is bad since over time they become less effective at cleaning and can be contaminated with germs. We need to begin to learn when it’s time to switch to a new toothbrush and how to tell if you’re using one that’s past its prime. 

So how often should we be changing our toothbrush? Well it all depends on your usage, oral health and personal preferences.

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How often should you see a Dentist or Orthodontist?


A dentist assesses, diagnoses and treats diseases and conditions in the mouth. They may also monitor the soft tissues of the face, checking for any abnormalities. 

An orthodontist is initially trained as a dentist but has then gone onto specialise in orthodontics. This is a further qualification carried out over 3 years.  An orthodontist, like those at Oldham Orthodontics, treat irregularities in relation to your teeth and jaw. The frequency of your appointments with your dentist or your orthodontist depends what you are attending for.


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